About Christin Myrick

When Michelangelo would sit down to create a sculpture, he first spent hours staring at the granite, asking what wanted to emerge before he ever lifted his tools or sketched a plan.

He would say that he perceived what was already living inside the rock and his role was to chisel off what was in the way so the sculpture could be free.

My work with men is the same. There is a sculpture of truth and perfection inside of you, an essence that is longing to emerge and be free.

I see the truth of who you are and it is my art to carve great men out of the stone.


I grew up in a violent and abusive home. I learned to hate and manipulate men in order to stay safe.

When I broke free some of the greatest healing along my path came from men and I re-learned to love, respect and deeply appreciate powerful masculinity.

I believe there is a healthy, strong, genuine essence inside every man and and all he needs is the right tools.

Everything you need to know to become a better man is already inside of you, you just need someone to help chisel away the stone.

There is room for you here to grow, learn and unleash YOUR authentic masculinity and it is my pleasure to invite you do so by joining the live events, virtual programs or contacting me forĀ private coaching.



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