On Securing Dates with Women: A Brief How To


  I’ve had a few clients who come in lately, they get all cozy, we start talking and at some point they ask the question, “Why don’t women respond when I ask them out?” The men elaborated: they’d met a super lady, really enjoyed her company, set up a tentative meeting, but when push came […]

What to Say to Women to Get a Winning Response

Christin Myrick - What to Say

I’ve been toying with an idea. I was reading recently that electrons and their orbits around atoms are not fixed. The electrons themselves are not even a fixed entity until they are observed and it is largely believed that the expectation of the observer (the human consciousness factor) actually affects the position in which the […]

How to Get the Woman You Want


I was reading a post this morning on one of my favorite blog sites for men (The Good Men Project). The post was written by a man who was asked to give a short speech at his brothers wedding. The blog was beautiful. What wasn’t beautiful were the comments. Some of them were ignorant, others […]

How to Make Her See You as a Man

Christin Myrick - How to Make Her See You as a Man

  My fingers need something to do when my mind is full; it helps me work out the problem in my soul. This is why I love baking so much. You have to pay exquisite attention to bake well – whisk the egg yolks with sugar until they reach the right fluffiness or your meringue […]

Connect with a Woman in 2 Minutes or Less

Christin Myrick - Connect with a Woman in 2 Minutes or Less

  My husband’s wedding ring is black. He’s left it in on the table in my office so he doesn’t loose it while he’s out for his bike ride. It is heavy and dark against the white top of my desk and I keep twirling it and twirling it in my hands. Do you want […]

Why Don’t Women Say What They Mean?


When I came back from four months vagabonding throughout China and South East Asia, my lungs were full of tar. This may have been due to the fact that a pack of cigarettes cost about thirty cents and beer was cheaper than water. It was also due to the high pollution and dense living quarters. […]

Mastery of Self: The Link between Women and Archery

master archer

  An amazing man in my men’s group sent me this story and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. It comes from Osho’s book Awareness and speaks directly to the letting go of attachment that is so important when connecting deeply with women.   “Eugen Herrigel was learning with […]

8 Steps to Attract Amazing Women

  I included in the title ‘Amazing’ because I realize there is a difference between attracting women, and attracting amazing women. What an amazing woman is will vary from man to man. For some she is wild and spirited, leaping off edges and diving into mysteries. For others she may be sweet and kind, with […]

The Best Formula for Connecting with Any Woman

access points

This formula is a tool that I normally teach in my live seminars, but it is so helpful that I wanted to get the information out to you guys so you can start seeing the benefits of using it too! We connect to other human beings authentically by coming from our essence Self and connecting […]

The Biggest Mistake to Avoid When Talking with Women

What is communication? It is actually a tricky question when you think about it. It is my practice that there are two types of communication: verbal and non verbal. However, it is not that verbal communication is the spoken word and non verbal is your body language. My definitions of verbal and non verbal communication […]