The Only Consistent Thing

Everybody burns sometime. Not everyone rises up from the ash. This has been on my mind lately, burning and rising and burning again. Like a perpetual cycle of awakening. I have been thinking “if only I burn away and let go/forgive/surrender this LAST time… then I’ll be done (and enlightened!). But truly, I’m starting to […]

You’re Too Guarded (and the power of staying present)

I call this one "Contemplation"

I’m about ten days into a 108 day yoga program where I’ve twisted around like I didn’t know I could, muscles burning, breathing like a war horse and the instructor will comment, “now, take a deep inhale, expand your breath and just notice how you feel.” At those particular moments, it is typical for me to […]

Navigating Crisis and Staying True to You


I hate crisis. Scratch that. I loathe crisis, much like I loathe those gross blue nose suckers for babies. Have you seen those? You stick it up a babies nostril and schuuullpp – it sucks out the boogies. I involuntarily gag every time. That kind of loathing. I live in Boulder, Colorado, and in case you haven’t […]

Feeling Trapped? How to Break Free Like a Man

Don't Get Too Close!

I stood in the back country of the Colorado Mountains and watched the wild river turn at every edge and back again, snaking her way across the valley like a silver ribbon. The river had no agenda, no schedule, no need of constraints, save the mountains that held her on either side. She tumbled off […]

How to Instantly Boost Your Self Esteem with One Powerful Strategy

How to Instantly Boost Your Self Esteem with One Powerful Strategy 1

  Men of today grow up with unfortunate, self-esteem degrading messages. Our media culture slaps humor on top of it in sitcoms or dresses it up in passionate looking cologne ads, but the underlying meaning is the same: who you are as a man is dangerous, perverted and not enough. The breakdown that is happening […]

I am Grateful For You: A Father’s Day Message for All Men

Christin and Dad Pic

  I don’t know what your Father’s Day is like. I don’t know if you have a relationship with your father, if you’re a dad, or a single dude looking for love. What I know is that on this day of gratitude for fathers and father figures, I feel an immense and profound gratitude for […]

There and Back Again: A Disassociation Tale

There and Back Again: A Disassociation Tale

I believe the body has messages for us, it let’s us know when we’re pushing too hard or when we need a break. The body steps in and says something like, “Oh, wonderful, you worked 18 days in a row again. Well, I’m going to make you sick so you can calm the hell down.” […]

A Heart Note from a Messy Place

A Heart Note from a Messy Place

This blog is going to be messy and, I’m afraid, that’s just what it is this week. I’m writing from my heart, speaking into the space from the void and just letting it be. Like the song, let it be. There is a hole in my heart that I’m crawling out of today. It’s sort […]

The One Motto to Rule Them All

The Four Stages of Presence

It’s one of those times of year again. I’m noticing a serious pattern in the seasonal cycles. I only say it’s serious because it throws me off and, even though I had planned for this one, marked off ten days in my calendar that were ‘not to be disturbed’ it’s like it snuck up on […]

Reclaiming Your Wildness

Reclaiming Your Wildness

I’ve been reading a book called Iron John. While the content is fascinating (and I totally recommend checking it out) what has interested me more is the fable that is the book’s name’s sake. Iron John is a mythical character who represents our inner wildness and the moral of the story is that our inner […]