How to Make Her Want You

How to Make Her Want You

  Let me tell you a little story: I used to run away. I would travel to all kinds of exotic places; China, Cambodia, Peru, and I ran because it was the only time and space in my life that I could be authentic. It was the only time I could breathe. What I learned […]

What to Say to Women to Get a Winning Response

Christin Myrick - What to Say

I’ve been toying with an idea. I was reading recently that electrons and their orbits around atoms are not fixed. The electrons themselves are not even a fixed entity until they are observed and it is largely believed that the expectation of the observer (the human consciousness factor) actually affects the position in which the […]

How to Get the Woman You Want


I was reading a post this morning on one of my favorite blog sites for men (The Good Men Project). The post was written by a man who was asked to give a short speech at his brothers wedding. The blog was beautiful. What wasn’t beautiful were the comments. Some of them were ignorant, others […]

Edges + Experiences Speaking at TEDxBoulder


After having the honor and pleasure of speaking at TEDxBoulder two weeks ago, my life has proceeded to be swept up in a fantastical whirlwind as I prepare for my wedding (which is only three days away!). I received a few interesting emails this week from people who saw my talk, and the questions were […]

Not Getting Enough Sex? Try this Tool.

My palms were sweaty and I was foolishly grinning and giddy like a school girl. “Will he like me?” I wondered. It was a good question. I mean, he’d never met me before and I really wanted to make a good impression. The host of our local TedX conference had heard about me and my […]

8 Steps to Attract Amazing Women

  I included in the title ‘Amazing’ because I realize there is a difference between attracting women, and attracting amazing women. What an amazing woman is will vary from man to man. For some she is wild and spirited, leaping off edges and diving into mysteries. For others she may be sweet and kind, with […]

The Three C’s of Meaningful Sex

  Let’s get to it, shall we? The three secrets for great sex are: Center Center means knowing your Self at your core, at your deepest essence. It is who you are without doing anything at all. It is you in your natural state. The IFS Model (Internal Family Systems Therapy Model) describes the qualities […]

Feeding Sexual Hunger

Sexual hunger is palpable to a woman. She can feel when you are needy of her. It feels like being a deer and you are a wild lion and we have to run like hell in to opposite direction of you to be safe. My guess is that this is not what you want. What […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Her Great Orgasm

Follow these four simple tools and her orgasm will rock the casbah. No one can ‘give’ anyone else an orgasm… otherwise, I think all of our holidays and birthdays would look a very different. Her orgasm is, ultimately, her responsibility. All you have to do is show up and ask for directions Ask for directions. […]

The Magic Formula for Your Great Orgasm

car and map

So, here is a question for you:  As a guy, how do you know when you are having an orgasm? I mean, if you didn’t have simultaneous ejaculation, how would you know you actually had a climax? It’s a great question and the reason I ask it is because altering your perception of what orgasm […]