Growing and Maturing Connection

Growing and Maturing Connection

On the day that I got married, my husband and I had a ceremony in the forest before we married in front of our community. It was important to both of us that we make our bond as our true Essence Selves and we didn’t think we could do that authentically in front of other […]

True Tormentors and the Beginnings of Forgiveness

True Tormentors and the Beginnings of Forgiveness

I get really triggered on Mother’s Day. Every year it comes around and every year I panic and get nervous and worked up. Any day of the year that wasn’t about him and actively celebrated someone else was usually difficult (even if that someone else was baby Jesus or a dead turkey). So this might […]

How to Get the Woman You Want


I was reading a post this morning on one of my favorite blog sites for men (The Good Men Project). The post was written by a man who was asked to give a short speech at his brothers wedding. The blog was beautiful. What wasn’t beautiful were the comments. Some of them were ignorant, others […]

The Formula for Success (really… there’s a formula)


  It has occurred to me recently that we each have our own formulas for success (and when I say success, I mean a long term, sustainable happiness that comes with ease). It has also occurred to me that, like creating a chemical compound, the particles of this formula may have different properties for each […]

The Best Formula for Connecting with Any Woman

access points

This formula is a tool that I normally teach in my live seminars, but it is so helpful that I wanted to get the information out to you guys so you can start seeing the benefits of using it too! We connect to other human beings authentically by coming from our essence Self and connecting […]

6 Tips to Finding True Love

  There is no sure fire formula for attracting the love of your life. If there was, we would all be in meaningful relationships that last and fill us down to the core… and I would be out of a job! There are, however, some tips that will help you radiate desire, truth and passion […]

One Simple Tool for Deeper Connection

Deeper connection with a woman begins with deeper connection to your Self. Sometimes moments in our life can have so much sensation that our systems actually become over stimulated and we can’t feel what’s inside of us. To a woman, this feels like you are ‘checked out’ and ‘don’t care’. The simple tool to unlock […]