2 Steps to Find Meaning


I’ve been having an existential crisis lately. In a good way. In a way like I am feeling complete with where I have been but am not totally sure where I am going next. I’m in the space between. This is usually an uncomfortable place for me (I have to have a plan!), but this […]

Feeling Trapped? How to Break Free Like a Man

Don't Get Too Close!

I stood in the back country of the Colorado Mountains and watched the wild river turn at every edge and back again, snaking her way across the valley like a silver ribbon. The river had no agenda, no schedule, no need of constraints, save the mountains that held her on either side. She tumbled off […]

The One Motto to Rule Them All

The Four Stages of Presence

It’s one of those times of year again. I’m noticing a serious pattern in the seasonal cycles. I only say it’s serious because it throws me off and, even though I had planned for this one, marked off ten days in my calendar that were ‘not to be disturbed’ it’s like it snuck up on […]

Why I Work With Men

Why I Work With Men

I get asked the question a lot: why do you only work with men? The short answer is that I am more effective with men (they get the most out of our time together) and, quite frankly, I really like working with guys more than anything else. So, I do what I love. This week’s […]

7 Things I Learned from Giving My Masculine a Break

7 Things I Learned from Giving My Masculine a Break

  Ninety days ago, I decided to give my masculine a break. I spent the better part of last year in full gear, heading forward and pushing with all my might. It got to the point somewhere after October that I couldn’t remember appointments, coherent thoughts wouldn’t form, and I was wondering what all this […]

You Have a Gift. Do You Want to Know What it Is?

You Have a Gift 1

In the work that I do, it is an incredible honor to witness countless men as they rediscover themselves, their true nature, and the unique gifts they have to offer to the world. There is something special about being witnessed in this way and something powerful about comprehending that you have a unique gift that […]

Goal Setting that Works

Christin Myrick Happy New Year

  There is a special quietness on the first days of the year. The snow is soft and fluffy and even the birds seem to be snuggled away in their nests, enjoying the calm. Around this time of year, it is natural to reflect on the past twelve months. To think about goals we have […]

Resolve Conflict in 3 Steps

Christin Myrick - Conflict Resolution

  “You should sit your own hot seat,” she said, “feel what it’s like up there. See what you give these men.” I thought it was a bit crazy at first. I bring in hot seat ladies for the men in my groups to practice on, to grow their depth of connection and get feedback […]

The Formula for Success (really… there’s a formula)


  It has occurred to me recently that we each have our own formulas for success (and when I say success, I mean a long term, sustainable happiness that comes with ease). It has also occurred to me that, like creating a chemical compound, the particles of this formula may have different properties for each […]

Edges + Experiences Speaking at TEDxBoulder


After having the honor and pleasure of speaking at TEDxBoulder two weeks ago, my life has proceeded to be swept up in a fantastical whirlwind as I prepare for my wedding (which is only three days away!). I received a few interesting emails this week from people who saw my talk, and the questions were […]