Private Coaching Exclusively for Men

I’m so happy you’re here!

The fact that you are on this page indicates that you have that special something it takes to make a good man and, trust me,  you’re gonna need it. Authentic masculinity doesn’t happen over night and what I do isn’t a magic pill (and really, would you want a magic pill?).

What I do is a process that’s been developed and refined over many clients, experiences and workshops and it isn’t for everyone. 

You are a man who will get the most out of our work together if you:

  • Want to be confident and authentic in all areas of your life,
  • Know you are part of the pattern that holds you back,
  • Are seeking clarity, direction and focus, and
  • Are willing to do, face and change whatever it takes to be who you really are and have what you really want.


::  Check Out the Process in my TEDx Talk – How to Make Better Men ::


:: How Does Working With Me… Work? ::

My methods are unorthodox, unusual and can be uncomfortable.  I am an upfront, truth telling kind of gal and I will always be real with you in a tender and compassionate way. I will tell you what I see in your Essential Self, convey your gifts and impact, tell you what’s holding you back and where you can improve. I will not bullshit you. I will love you forth, call you out and will facilitate your own unique center and solidarity as a man.

At the end of our exploration you will have a solid jumping off point to live a life that accurately and authentically reflects:

  • Who you really are,
  • What you really want,
  • What purpose you serve,
  • What the meaning of your existence is, and (maybe most importantly)
  • How to start implementing simple changes so that you can be intimately in touch with your purpose, meaning and authenticity every day.



:: Your Invitation ::

You are invited to choose from 3 options (all of which are The Godfather references because I like that movie.)
Note: if you haven’t seen The Godfather I will not hold it against you… but I highly recommend.

Option 1: “Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli”

  • Need to have a convo with me to make up your mind? This option is for you.
  • Receive 29 minutes for $29 (value $50)

Option 2: “To the Mattresses”

  • Your 3 initiatory sessions await.
  • Get 3 full sessions for $295

Option 3: “I Made Him an Offer He Couldn’t Refuse”

  • $55 off! Who doesn’t love a deal?
  • Get 5 full sessions for $445


:: Important Details ::
  • I prefer (in most cases) to work over the web via Skype or Google Hangout (yes, it IS highly effective). If you prefer to meet in person it is possible to do so, please mention it to me to see if we can make it work.
  • There is preliminary information to be completed before we meet (takes 30-60 minutes total).
  • First sessions typically last 90 minutes and following sessions are 60 minutes each.
  • I require a commitment of 3 sessions at the start of our working relationship and continuing sessions are available at $100 each after our first 3 are complete.
  • You may or may not accomplish everything you want to in 3 sessions. I will do my best to help you achieve your goals in that time and more sessions may be needed to do so.
  • I accept payment through Paypal, Cash or Checks (unfortunately I cannot take insurance at this time).

:: To Accept Your Invitation ::

Introduce yourself by filling out the form below.




Thank you.

I am so appreciative that you are here and following wherever your journey is taking you (with me or else where). Thank you for being good men, for caring about your purpose, for striving to be better.



:: Praise for Christin’s Work :: 



“Christin is a miracle worker. Working with Christin has been awesome and the results were instant. My confidence and sociability increased, my naturalness and expressiveness with women increased, and my sense of personal value increased. I feel about a million times more confident in my body now, and it happened  almost overnight. Christin is the real deal.”

Cameron Gallagher, Peak Performance Coach

New Zealand

“I’m on the path to being the man I want to be, the man I know I can be.”

Kent Lopez, Colorado, USA

“I know I wouldn’t be having the relationship I’m having with my amazing lady-friend if I hadn’t met [Christin]!”

Brian Lindstrom, Golf Instructor

Colorado, USA